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Personal Helper (Contactless Pick-up & Delivery)
Personal Helper (Contactless Pick-up & Delivery)
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What type of assistance?

  • Pick up & Delivery

  • Grocery Shopping & Delivery

  • Prescription Pick-up & Delivery

  • To-do list

No-contact assistance is available for any task. Customers should specify in the description.

COVID-19 Update: In order to protect your health and safety, customers are required to maintain social distancing during the performance of all tasks. Contactless tasks can be requested in the booking details or when calling to your Helper. 

Whether you’re working from home, looking after a loved one, or just want to stay indoors - we’ve got you covered. You can now book a Helper for a “contactless” pick-up or delivery.

Simply browse and book a “contactless” pick-up or delivery. Call directly to your Helper through the app to let them know the details of your pick-up or delivery.

Check out the questions below that will help you and your Helper to complete a task. We recommend to ask your Helper these questions or specify them in the job description before a task:

  • What item(s) would I like to be delivered?

  • What are the pick-up and drop-off addresses?

  • Have the items already been purchased? If not, how can I pay for them?

  • Will I be present during the drop-off? If not, how will Helper gain access?

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