1. Provide accurate instructions for gaining entry to the home;

  2. Every cleaner wants to make sure that all of your belongings are in the right place when he/she comes, which is why a cleaner leaves these organizational tasks to you;

  3. Provide a vacuum, If you do not have the vacuum, a cleaner will not be able to properly clean any carpeted areas;

  4. Would you like to use your own supplies or special products? Leave them out in clear view for a cleaner and accompanied by directions on their use;

  5. The more detailed you are in the special notes, the better a cleaner will be prepared to complete your requests.

What if I do not have a mop, bucket, or vacuum?

Service Providers bring a travel wet/dry mop that will be used on non-carpeted areas. If you do not have a vacuum, a Service Provider will not be able to properly clean any carpeted areas.

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