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Rate a Service Provider

How does the rating system work?

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Service Providers who partner with Done agree to maintain a high standard of professional service. You can help us improve cleaning safety and quality by providing a rating for your Service Provider.

A higher rating raises the cleaner's commission!
Ratings, which are given on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, should be honest and reflective of the overall booking experience.

When a booking is canceled, neither the customer nor the service provider will be able to leave a rating. If you give a cleaner less than 5 stars, you'll see a list of common booking issues you can use to provide more specific feedback. Let us know what went wrong by tapping the most appropriate issue for your cleaner. If the issues listed don't apply to your situation, you can choose "Other".

If you haven't rated your Service Provider yet, select the most recent cleaning from the "Your orders" section in the app to provide a rating. All ratings are anonymous.

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