Checklist of what's included with Standard Cleaning

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The perfect match for people who want to keep their home clean, safe & healthy.

Keep in mind, that these vary from place to place. Use this as a guide.

Entire home:

  • Dust surfaces

  • Mop floors

  • Vacuum floors

  • Wipe mirrors and frames

  • Fold clothes

  • Taking out the trash

  • Disinfect all doorknobs and light switches

  • Offer walk-through (if applicable)


  • Wash the dishes or load the dishwasher

  • Scrub sink

  • Wipe countertops

  • Wipe cabinets (interior)

  • Wash stovetop

  • Wipe appliances

  • Wipe dining table


  • Wash & sanitize the toilet

  • Wipe mirrors

  • Wash sink

  • Wash shower / tub

  • Wipe cabinets (interior)

Items that cleaner does not do

  • Do not lift or move heavy objects and furniture

  • Do not pick up the clutter

  • Do not clean toys

  • Do not take out construction waste

  • Do not take out recycled cardboards

  • Do not bring commercial tools and equipment

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