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Can I skip or reschedule my service?
Can I skip or reschedule my service?
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If you anticipate needing to change an appointment time, ideally, we would like a minimum of 24 hours in advance. You can reschedule your booking to another, more convenient time or if you wish, cancel it altogether in the App or by reaching out to us via chat.

Please note:

  1. We assess a $30 cancellation fee to appointments canceled or rescheduled between 24 - 2 hours on the appointment day;

  2. We assess a 50% of the price to appointments canceled 2 hours before the appointment time;

  3. In the event when your cleaner can't get in the door by following your entry instructions, or if you aren't home when you said you would be, you'll be charged the full cost of the booking.

In the App:

  1. Select the "Your orders" section of the menu in your Done

  2. Tap your upcoming order and scroll to the bottom

  3. Tap Reschedule and set up a different time.

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